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From: (John Tromp)
Subject: So long, IGS
Sender: (USENET News System)
Organization: University of Waterloo
Date: Tue, 11 Jul 1995 14:59:09 GMT
Lines: 66
Hello fellow Go-lovers,
this is to announce my public disappearance from the Internet Go Server.
It's been a great time, these past 3 years. IGS has been a tremendous
vehicle for advancing my understanding and enjoyment of the game.
(and surprisingly, has not prevented me from completing my thesis:)
I want to thank all of you whom I've had the pleasure of playing
or conversing with.
Unfortunately, last Thursday, tweet has decided to ban me from IGS,
for reasons best explained by himself:
*tweet*:  hello
tromp> tell tweet hi tweet
Setting your '.' to tweet
*tweet*:  you are working on geeks server?
tromp> tell tweet yes, from time to time
*tweet*:  then i suggest you stay there.
*tweet*:  why do you come here?
tromp> tell tweet to have fun
*tweet*:  you can have fun on your own server
tromp> tell tweet sorry you feel that way
*tweet*:  with good reasons
*tweet*:  i rather not see you here.
tromp> tell tweet hope you can reconsider this
*tweet*:  you should reconsider, not me.
tromp> tell tweet my presence here doesn't hurt anybody
*tweet*:  i consider you an ally of geek
*tweet*:  and geek is my enemy
*tweet*:  you are not allied to me or IGS
tromp> tell tweet i don't think about enemies ever. i'm just here to play go
*tweet*:  so your presence disturbs me.
tromp> tell tweet ok, let me ask you one thing
*tweet*:  you can play on geeks server since that seems to be what you really 
tromp> tell tweet i really wish to play on both
*tweet*:  not if you are allied to my enemy
tromp> tell tweet why do you think there's only room for one server?
tromp> tell tweet my question:
*tweet*:  i do not mind other server, i mind geek
tromp> tell tweet are you gonna shut out all IGSers that use geek's server?
*tweet*:  if geek did not do it, it would be an entirely different matter.
*tweet*:  you do not understand what i said.
*tweet*:  you think about it.
tromp> tell tweet please answer my question, tweet
tromp> tell tweet simple yes or no
*tweet*:  i did, but you fail to understand my answer
tromp> tell tweet sorry, i don't want any enemies
*tweet*:  helping him and playing there are not the same thing
tromp> tell tweet you troubles with geek are of no concern to me
*tweet*:  they are if you are  helping him.
tromp> tell tweet i'm helping with the construction of freely available server 
tromp> tell tweet since your source is copyrighted
*tweet*:  so i do not wish you here if you are a helper of geek.
*tweet*:  i have nothing more to say to you.  leave
tromp> tell tweet ok, one last question
The connection to IGS has closed.

%!PS               %  -John Tromp (
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